File Explorer Keeps Opening: Is it a Virus?

File Explorer is perhaps the most important Windows application. ‘File Explorer keeps opening’ is a common problem that Windows users encounter on their daily use.

File Explorer keeps opening

Although File Explorer keeps opening, it doesn’t stop you from performing your Windows tasks, it can be annoying to see frequent File Explorer pop-ups.

About File Explorer

File Explorer, formerly Windows Explorer, is an essential Windows built-in application or tool. It is a convenient application that allows users to access files and folders on the PC quickly. It features a Windows graphical user interface, which displays on the Taskbar and allows users to access their applications, files, and folders with ease.

The application should always respond to a user command and not operate by itself. If File Explorer Keeps opening, there might be an issue somewhere.

Why does File Explorer Keep Opening?

File Explorer is a built-in Windows application that should always remain stable. When you notice that it keeps opening by itself, it could indicate other underlying PC or system issues.

The common reasons why File Explorer keeps opening include:

  • Application failure: In case of an application failure, File Explorer may keep restarting in an attempt to fix the failure.
  • External drives: The error could also be caused by a problem with the external disk drive you inserted on your computers, such as a USB disk or keyboard.
  • Explorer is in autorun mode: Autorun is usually necessary to know which programs or applications work for them. However, there could be a problem with an external drive you’ve inserted in the PC that is causing the File Explorer random pop-ups.
  • Corrupted or missing system files
  • Viruses and malware infection on the system
  • AutoPlay errors

Note: If File Explorer Keeps Opening, you can find how to solve it in this article: File Explorer Keeps Opening.

File Explorer is Constantly Opening, Is it a Virus?

One of the key causes of File Explorer keeps opening is a virus or malware infection. Viruses and malware infections are known to do a lot of harm to computers. If File Explorer is a victim of a virus or malware attack, you may experience the constant pop-up of File Explorer even when you do not initiate the application.

If this is the case, you may need to conduct a full virus scan using a quality antivirus program. Virus scan may get rid of the malware or virus that is affecting your computer’s operations.

Once you conduct the virus scan, check the scan results if you can notice a malware infection.

How to Fix: File Explorer is constantly Opening

There is no one single solution to File Explorer Keeps Opening because of the varied causes. Here’s a summary of four fixes that can help you solve the File Explorer Keeps Opening problem;

  • Restart your computer to kill any application or program that is interfering with the function of File Explorer.
  • Restart File Explorer: This will restart the explorer.exe process responsible for running File Explorer and kill any application that was interfering with the process.
  • Scan your computer with quality antivirus software to remove any malware or virus infection causing the problem.
  • Disable Autoplay: If File Explorer keeps opening, usually whenever you plug-in peripherals, the reasons may be because of loose connections between the external devices and your PC causing AutoPlay to open File explorer opening randomly. Disabling autoplay can help solve the problem.
Turn off Autoplay option in Windows 10
  • Repair Corrupted System Files using the SFC and DISM scans to solve the missing or corrupted file that is causing the File Explorer issue.
dism command


The File Explorer application should only respond to user commands and not operate by itself. File Explorer Keeps opening can be a virus or any other underlying condition in the computer you need to fix immediately.

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