Error 0x80246007 Windows 10

When updating your Windows Operating system, you may sometimes encounter error 0x80246007 in Windows 10. Many Windows users have reported encountering this error, and it has been confirmed by Windows insiders who agree that error 0x80246007 occurs during the download of new Windows Updates in Windows 10.

Users who encounter error code 0x80246007 often wonder why it occurs or what exactly it is.

About Error 0x80246007 In Windows 10

Different errors occur during Windows Updates, and error 0x80246007 is one of them. It can occur when you’re downloading or installing new Windows Updates.

The key impact of error 0x80246007 prevents you from installing Windows Updates, particularly the latest Windows 10 builds.

When the Windows Update service scans for a new update and starts downloading it, you might receive an error message such as below:

“Some updates did not finish downloading, we will keep trying: Error code 0x80246007.”

You may sometimes get this notification but not always.

Notably, this error may occur if you’re downloading other updates for Windows applications such as Microsoft Office, OneNote, Skype, etc.

How can I Fix Error 0x80246007 In Windows?

When you encounter error 0x80246007 during Windows Update, you shouldn’t panic because you can fix it.
Deleting the contents or cache of the temporary folder or restarting the BITS service and letting it run automatically should fix issue 0x80246007. If these two solutions don’t help, you can run the Windows Update Troubleshooter or create and run a repair .bat file. Other solutions include:

  • Scanning your PC with a quality antivirus program
scan your PC with a quality antivirus program
  • Change the user account control settings
  • Run the SFC and DISM scan to find and repair broken, damaged, missing, or corrupted system files. Such steps may also help resolve error 0xc0000142 or error 0x8000ffff
  • Check the Windows defender firewall service
  • Perform a clean boot
  • Check your antivirus program

One or a number of these solutions should work for you and help you fix error 0x80246007. Here is a guide for more details on fixing error code 0x80246007.

Why Does Error Code 0x80246007 In Windows 10 Occur?

Many Windows Insider members or users have reported encountering error 0x80246007 when they scan for new Windows Updates. There is no one cause of error 0x80246007, and it is not clear what causes it. However, the error code 0x80246007 may occur as a result of any of the following:

  • A running Windows process is disrupting or conflicting with the Windows Update component.
  • The PC’s Windows Update database is full or has been corrupted.
  • When there is an issue affecting the BITS services.
  • Pending Windows Update installation.
  • Windows defender firewall.
  • Third-party security programs, such as firewalls or antivirus programs.
Disable antivirus

Note that one or more of these factors can cause error 0x80246007. It can also occur if there is an already occurring Windows Update error that you’ve not resolved.

Note: The other variation of error 0x80246007 is the Windows Update error 0x80070002. Both of these errors occur when the Windows Update process fails and the update installation stalls.

Is Error Code 0x80246007 a Virus?

Error code 0x80246007 is not a virus but a Windows Update error, usually noted by Windows insider users. However, you should not rule out a virus or malware as a cause of the error. Malware is known to cause different Windows errors and affect many Windows operations.

So, it is possible that a malware infection on your PC causes the error and prevents Windows Updates from installing.

It is vital to run antivirus scans from time to time to avoid any doubts about thу roots of the error 0x80246007. Moreover, you may face some other strange events like file explorer keeps opening, which looks like a virus infection.

Final Word

Windows 10 is one of Microsoft’s best Windows operating systems, but it also has several errors that you may encounter. The important thing is to know the possible reasons why an error can occur because that increases your chances of fixing it. If you want to fix error code 0x80246007, the solutions we’ve provided in this article will help you.

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